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FreeGreGmatClass.com (FGGC) – An Open Knowledge Initiative – Group of Teachers, One Goal.

Free online Virtual Classes on GRE GMAT preparation; Includes Practice Sample tests)


FreeGreGmatClass.com (FGGC) is an Open Knowledge Initiative for better learning experience in the field of GRE/GMAT tests. We consists of a group of teachers who are well experienced in teaching GRE/GMAT both online as well as offline. Our Open Knowledge Initiative consists of more than 400 hours of recordings, 50+ materials, 50+ online tests all freely available online. FGGC family consists of online courses, YouTube Channel, blog etc. that serves our learners globally in there preparation of GRE/GMAT. We are proud to be among the largest source of online resource on GRE/GMAT that is available freely. In time to come, FGGC is bound to grow more with more recordings, more courses, more materials & more teachers.

FGGC is proud to act as a bridge between teachers & learners, where FGGC acts as a bridge for the teachers & learners to interact with each other. We have got a pool of teachers for GRE/GMAT education who help us in teaching our learners globally.



1. Be able to learn words faster and build a good vocabulary by our Dashastra (10 techniques for word memorization), will be able to build a strategy for each question type by using concepts such as diplomatic-language-of-examiner / Power of Elimination. Also students will be able to solve the toughest possible questions as the classes are taken of various levels: intro vs practice vs toughest possible question.

2. Special care is taken on building pre knowledge for essays so that the students can cite good examples; this will increase the general awareness. Also some of the research papers on computed linguistic are used to develop a fool-proof strategy for the essays.

3. GRE/GMAT scores are valid for 5 years so prepare now as it is possible that you don’t get time in future with added responsibilities.



1. The course is very condensed but highly scientific where we have taken concepts from medical, psychology, strategy management, computational linguistic etc for making a comprehensive approach for GRE preparation. All the research is cited so that the students can read more on how he can link all these areas for his exam preparation.

2. All classes were recorded in the from year 2011 to 2014.

3. All classes were taken with the help of well prepared ppts which contains theory and questions. The idea is to email content the students 24 hours before the class so that he can look into (the ppts of some of the classes which are freely available to download at my Wiziq profile).


1. Both exams are accepted for admission in MS / PhD / Master-in-Management from USA. GRE can be used for applying MS in finance, Operation management, Accounting, etc.

2. Also this course will be helpful and provide a base for GMAT which is relatively tougher exams. The grammar, vocab, reading comprehension strategy can be applied to GMAT also which then you can study in relatively shorter amount of time.

3. So first getting a GRE score and then working for GMAT is a good strategy. As a change of trend many universities are now also accepting GRE score, though GMAT is always a better exam for MBA aspirants. Sometimes GMAT requires average of 4-5 years experience but MS in management is cheaper and easier as compared to MBA (from USA).

Max Extreme, Toughest possible and Doubt Clearing: Three New Series started!

1. In extreme classes you will find tough questions on Math and Verbal, also we will doing some doubt clearing classes. There is a series called the “Max extreme series” and ” Toughest possible questions for GMAT” which is available for free, check them out. This class will be on weekend and will be of 5 hours duration.

2. “Toughest possible questions” which solves each question live from the Quantum CAT ( Arrihant Publication, Author SS Sharma) and also CAT Quantitative (TMH Publication, Author ARun Sharma). For people who want to get a perfect score in Math they can join it, all you have to do is join this class. Also very useful for CAT aspirants.

The division of question in the max extreme class is 2,3,4 whereas the level 5 and the hardest questions are done in the “Toughest Possible Series”. All max extreme classes will have different set of questions.

3. “Doubt clearing classes” to bring any questions to the class. Doubt clearing sessions are open classes where you can bring any of your doubts which we will discuss in the class. You can bring them from Maths, or Verbal or logical reasoning or any place. These classes will help you to cover your study material.

Generally, the tough areas in GMAT are data sufficiency and Probability, which you should solve very rigorously. So the “toughest possible” series can help you, and also the max 5 hours class on Weekends online (virtual classroom).

There are level 1,2 and 3 and in that series the level 2 & 3 are covered which you should also do.

Link to old website: http://freegregmatclass.com/index.html

Contact Us: info@freegregmatclass.com

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